WELCOME TO Laura's Laundromat

Provides a nice and clean place with all new washers and dryers to do your laundry. In a convenient location with parking spaces in front of the laundromat for easy loading/unloading.

Try our brand New Wascomat Washers

Superior wash! Faster Dry!

Now we have Free WI-FI


Open from 7am- 10pm

Or Until Your Done!

More Large Washers Coming Soon!!

We Also Do Wash And Fold Service At Your Convenience.

Call Us For More Information (503) 309-0515


Our Services

Our Self Service Laundromat has:

  • 18 washers staring at $1.75
  • We also have large washers that are great for blankets,comforters, sleeping bags, rugs, and more!
  • 14 single load dryers giving you 10 min. per quarter (dries a single load in approx. 30 min.)
  • 10 large dryers giving you 7 min. per quarter
  • Clean Restroom
  • T.V. In Waiting Area
  • Soap Dispenser Machine
  • Bill Changer
  • Soda and Snack Vending Machine
  • House Cleaning Service (503) 309-0515

Laura's Drop-Off Laundry Service:

This service is great for those who don't have time to do laundry or are just too busy. Come over to Laura's Laundromat today and we will do it for you for only 95 cents per pound!!!

How it Works:

  1. ) Drop-Off your clothes sorted or unsorted; we weigh it and calculate your price. Except your large items ( Covers, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.) which are charged by the piece.
  2. ) Your clothes will be washed and sorted to your specifications.
  3. ) After drying your clothes we neatly fold them and have it ready for you to pick up!!

Service Pricing

  • Pillows 5.00 and up
  • Comforters 10.00 up
  • Blankets 10.00 up
  • Rugs 5.00 up
  • Sneakers 5.00 up

Wash+Dry+fold $1.25 per Lb

Wash And Fold Service At Your Convenience

And We Also Provide House Cleaning Service


We Are Located At:

18669 SW TV HWY
Aloha OR, 97006

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For Any Questions Please Feel Free
To Contact Us At (503) 309-0515

We are open 365 days a year! From 7:00am – 10:00pm or until you have finished!